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AMG Platinum Group

Contact Donald Catalano Address

AMG Platinum Group
1035 Primera Blvd.,
Suite 1041
Lake Mary, Florida 32746

Phone 877-310-6464
Email Click Here to Email
Website http://www.amgplatinumgroup.com/ Industries Merchant Accounts
Secure or Better your Merchant Rates – Standard Merchant Account

ONLY $ 35.00 non-refundable fee per application.  Receive an Internet Shopping Spree worth $250. 00 if we do not better your deal Guaranteed. We draw upon worldwide resources that support the Electronic Payment Systems Industry. Our processors -banks may be domestic or off-shore. We accept major industry challenges with our goal always to better your rates. On our website – At Services click Pre – Application,  fill out & send Standard Business Form.  ///High Risk Merchant Accounts available  Expect our call 877.310.6464

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