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Ok, because you have hit this “book” you want to know just who the heck we are, right? Well, we are glad you asked…we are an interactive ecommerce syndication site…yes…try to say that 5 times fast!!!! We are a company that has been around the block for well over 1000 years (combining everyone’s age that works here)…and yet we have a maintained such a youthful and fresh appearance and a wonderful sense of humor.  What we bring to you is fun, excitement, games, and a way to escape the mundane toils of your normal everyday life.  Our company strives to bring fun and energy to the general public.  There is something for everyone on our website.  From our jokes, to our delectable recipes, travel info, who’s who, what’s what, games, unique products to purchase, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes (not that we are encouraging that behavior, wink, wink ) general mayhem and let us not forget our wonderful Capt Aahboo that drives it all!!!!!  He will provide you with many experiences (some you can share, some you might not want too)…, prizes, thrills, travel destinations and so much more!, He may even be in your neighbor so keep an eye out for him…!! This site is an ever changing, ever adding, ever growing site, so make sure you become a member and check in on a regular basis to see what’s new….remember…if you’re not moving forward…your standing still!! So join us and push your family, friends, dogs, cats, plumbers, meter maid, milkman, mailman, the kid who bags your groceries, your family priest, your fellow inmate, the guy in your neighborhood that you believe is stealing your newspaper, or that certain someone that you want to have something to strike up a conversation with…(you get the idea)…to join and come aboard…secure your membership now…space is not really limited but we want you to hurry anyway!!!!! Aahboo…first name in fun…last name in Capt !!!!

Business Summary

All the business conducted under the brand name aahboo, will be in compliance with the high ethical standards of business practice. We will at all times apply these standards to our business dealings with employees, customers, our internet advertisers, e-magazine advertisers and subscribers, business partners and associates, sales staff and all our members and non-members. These Policies of aahboo, have been approved by the Aahboo Board. Our Policies have been developed to ensure that all our business is conducted in adherence with high ethical and legal principles and has determined our standards of professionalism and business integrity for all of our operations worldwide. The following is a summary;
  • Everyone associated with aahboo, has the right to expect our assurance of high business standards;
  • Our policy is to conduct business within applicable law;
  • We will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of any kind;
  • There will be no bribes given or received
  • We will avoid conflicts of interest
  • We will participate as a responsible business within our local communities;
We have not intended this summary, to address every instance in which we may be called upon to observe and practice our business in a professional manner. However, it is intended to constantly remind us to strive, to live and abide by our business principles day to day as we conduct business. We look to continuously work to develop a mutual trust and respect as we continue to build on our global reputation of business integrity, which is the foundation of aahboo, Inc. It has always been our belief that trust furthers long-term relationships which we continue to build through honesty, openness and fair play. All aspects are measured by our highest of standards. It should be noted that no one has authority requiring or influencing those related to our company to violate our code of business conduct. At all times, we will adapt good business judgment as a fundamental basis of everything aahboo does as a company. If you should have any questions, at any time, about our business principles that may affect you or if you observe what may be considered inappropriate, unethical, or unlawful conditions please contact aahboo at our corporate headquarters at info@aahboo.com . Aahboo, will at all times practice the truth and properly present our sound business objectives in all of our business activities. As our customer, internet advertiser, e-magazine advertiser and subscriber, business partners and associates, sales staff, and all our members and non-members shall be treated with respect and competition with peer companies will at all times be fair and in accordance to our highest business principles.

The Marketplace

In our marketplace we will at all times provide the truth, properly in all presentations;
  • We look to gain nothing through misrepresentation, exaggerated claims or false sales practices
  •  All of our products, associated products, and services must and will stand on their own merits and quality
  •  We will not collaborate with our business partners, and associates to unlawfully restrain pricing
  •  Our customers will at all times be given factual information about prices, schedules, services, and other business that will be conducted by and/or through aahboo
  •  It is our pledge to you that any complaints will be dealt with promptly and fairly
  • Our company will not knowingly infringe on any copyright, trademarks, or registered intellectual property of others
  •  It is our intent to have our management have due regard as to how our contracts or business arrangements with our suppliers, partners and associated business relationships will reflect on our reputation.
  •  We will not give or accept any such payment for bribes or other payment to influence our business transactions.

Conflicts of Interest

 We will at all times avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest.
  1. We will not accept any form of payment which may influence a business decision
  2.  No sales staff, employee, partner, associate can represent themselves/s as an officer of aahboo and accept any form of payment directly from a customer. All payments for aahboo internet advertising, e-magazine,  aahboo products or services of aahboo, must be paid directly to aahboo.
  3.   aahboo will be working with associated businesses whereby business conducted with associated partners,   and associates, for the purchase of but not limited to travel, hotel, time share, cruise, services of our advertisers, products and services purchased directly from that business or shopping cart can be paid directly to that business partner, and/or associate.

The Community 

Aahboo, looks to be a responsible community partner. From time to time we will work within the community in support of various charitable ventures.

Proprietary Information 

We look at but not limited to, our intellectual property, designs, graphics, trade secrets, technology, customer and membership lists, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, marketing strategies, pricing, bonus offers, as our most valuable business assets and protecting their confidential and proprietary nature is the duty of aahboo as a company.

The Aaboo Future 

Our pledge to our members, non-members, Internet Advertisers, E-Magazine Advertisers and purchasers of our products and services is to; a) continue to create, develop and bring to the aahboo  “ Interactive E-Commerce Syndication Site “ unique forms of internet advertising, and e-magazine content, b) realistic business concepts and workable ideas, c) currant merchandise pricing and product discounts on purchases directly from aahboo, d) work with our partners, and business associates at all times to bring our membership unique products and services.

 At all times aahboo reserves the right/s without limitation, to make changes as it may see fit to but not limited, to its company policy, company info, terms of use and website without any advance notice to either a free or paid member.